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I have a website where every product has its own landing page. There are hundreds of products.

I want to create a Google Adwords campaign where the Ad contents and Final URL all come from a spreadsheet. The reason being, that a different landing page is required depending on the keyword.

I uploaded my sheet to Business Data and mapped the fields to the Ad using {=data.field} syntax. I created Keywords matching the keywords column of the spreadsheet.

Everything works beautifully... headline, description, display URL, etc, are pulled from the spreadsheet and into the Ad as desired, except the Final URL. The FinalURL field does not recognize {=data.field} syntax.

How can I dynamically set the Final URL to match the Display URL?

I don't want to manually type in each URL into the corresponding Final URL column in the Keyword definitions tab, because there are hundreds of them and would be too time-consuming / error-prone.

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