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I would like to know if it is worth asking a lawyer about making a search engine that indexes sites which index mega video links which contain movies that are protected by copyright law is legal.


  • Do you believe it is ethically justifiable, from your point of view. I.e. if you knew legally it was o.k. would you do it?
  • Do you know of anyone which asked a lawyer on a similar topic and if so was the lawyer able to give a definitive answer?
  • Would you ever consider making a website of the kind and consult a lawyer or would you deem it immediately to be a grey and ambiguous area you wish not to be in.

Answers should build on the facts that:

  • I have already finished coding a large part (still some bugs) I have therefore invested a faire amount of time
  • Dropping the project is an option I can live with

Thanking you in advance,


  • You need to ask a lawyer, there's no way anybody here can ask this for you, especially as the laws differ vastly from country to country. In some places it's decriminalised, but still illegal, in others they will come after each and every individual user. Ask a lawyer.
  • I totally agree with you. However, I'm only asking for subjective and personal opinion from people. Also people who have made websites in this area. I'm just interested what peoples intuition is so I can get a feel for the general opinion. I'm not asking for a definitive answer which I can absolutely depend on. I think that answers could actually be of global value. I ask you to consider reopening the question to answers.
  • @Flyingswissman, your latest comment seems to contradict your latest post edit - did you mean to say, 'I do not expect a definitive answer [...]', in your main post?
  • Flyingswissman said: 'I do expect a definitive, jurisdictionally correct and educated answer, one which could be expected of a lawyer.' Then go find (and pay) a lawyer.
  • @songdogtech, but then his comment says, 'I'm not asking for a definitive answer' - I think he left out a word in the main post (thus leading to mis-interpretation). Then again, maybe he does just have really high standards, for answers supplied by random strangers on the Internet... :/

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